Saturday, March 21, 2009

I hate hexagons

Isn't that pretty? It's SuperMonkey's ( ) Patchwork Throw.
I thought it was just gorgeous. So, I went out and bought this gorgeous yarn--Caron's county- and got to work.
Well, I've never done hexagons before. And you know what? I may never do hexagons again. I don't think I have ever been so frustrated with a project in my life! (I take that back--my mis-adventures crocheting with thread. . . ).
First try--didn't have enough stitches so the whole thing curled up like a hexagonal bowl. Then I got the bright idea to add and extra chain in the corners. WRONG. Finally read and re-read the pattern again. And voila--made one right!
Tonight, thought I'd try it again. After all, this will be the first afghan I actually make for ME. after I finish up a project for someone else, then I'll work on mine for a bit before going to bed. big mistake. As the frustration factor rises, the sleepiness factor slips away. . . .
Tonight's problem? I made two motifs. . . and then notice that they were PENTAGONS, not hexagons. ARGH!!!
Frogging it AGAIN and starting over. I am determined to make this. . . I have made much more difficult patterns than this!
But the pattern calls for 295 of these things. . . pity me!!!!!


  1. I will feel your pain when you come to the point where you have to sew them all together. you think you hate it now......just wait.....the fun hasn't even begun yet. UGH!

  2. Ya' know...this is a great scrap project! It could go on for years though! All that piecing...scarey! Bethany (yarnorgy)

  3. I will feel your pain when you sew them all together. Been there. UGH!

  4. wow that looks difficult, lol! it's really pretty, though.