Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boy Howdy

I tell you, when it rains it pours!

I have been out every night this week, and will be out Saturday and Sunday nights as well! Amazing week! This has been REALLY fun!

Of course, it has really cut down on my crochet time!

I have WAY too many projects going right now--time to get at least one of the suckers done and NOT start anything else!

Projects are:
1. Green/gold afghan for me
2. Hexagons of Hell afghan
3. The Kitchen stuff for my aunt (not due until xmas, so I have time on this one)
4. Lisa's afghan that I totally frogged and have to start all over again, dammit
5. The WTF sock--I WILL make the sock, I WILL make it!
7. The Daddyghan--this one is easy, I'm just waiting for the last of the squares to come. I've already got the joining yarn--it's gonna be a beaut!
8. The afghan my mother wants for her parlor settee

However, I have completed:
1. The third dishtowel of the set of three
2. Mom's pillow
3. My project bag (gotta take pictures of it)
4. My discholths--I love these things, so much better than sponges!

Okay--so my "done" list is way shorter than my "to do" list! BUT, I've been BUSY! LOL And I gave a birthday part for my 13 year old--12 boys and one lone girl--wild children, all of them! But just so funny, you can't really be annoyed with them!

Oh--another thing--both boys want hats--and they're not your normal hats--like crochet versions of fedoras--this should be kinda fun!!! But--it won't be any time soon!!!

So many uhhh, patterns, so little time!